Some statistics about the lack of online presence for small businesses in Canada

Dubbed the “Big Easy” New Orleans is a city rich in history and musical talent which can be heard in every corner of the city. The annual New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival is a diverse and colourful collection of todays best musicians. This years Jazzfest takes place April 28 - May 7.

All the exhilaration of regular travel, magnified with feelings of both trepidation and the excitement of the unknown. A new city, new sounds, new sights and new tastes. We are conditioned to believe that traveling alone is dangerous but with common sense and a little bit of planning ahead it can be a truly enriching journey where you see not only a new city, but also a new side of yourself.

1Recovering from another uninhibited night in the French Quarter I lay in my hotel bed catching up on old episodes of Duck Dynasty. Normally commercials irritate me but what came on next was an ad for Orange Beach, Alabama illustrating a fun-filled utopia with crystal waters and soft sand. After four wild nights on Bourbon Street, relaxing seaside sounded like exactly what I needed.

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