All the exhilaration of regular travel, magnified with feelings of both trepidation and the excitement of the unknown. A new city, new sounds, new sights and new tastes.

We are conditioned to believe that traveling alone is dangerous but with common sense and a little bit of planning ahead it can be a truly enriching journey where you see not only a new city, but also a new side of yourself.

Forces you out of your comfort zone

Traveling with people you know can be great, but it’s also comfortable and doesn't force you out of the comfort zone, where real personal growth occurs. When we’re in social settings with familiar companions, we are much less likely to branch out to strangers. Depending on your personality, being alone can force you to become friendlier toward outsiders and is more inviting to those who may want to strike up a conversation with you. Opening up to locals or even other tourists along your journey can open your eyes to hidden gems within the city that you didn't know about or give you a unique insight to some local history or language that you wouldn't have discovered if you had stayed within your social circle.

Encourages you to be self reliant

From finding transportation to keeping your budget on target, when you're alone you're forced to be more mindful of your current situation. When we are in our hometowns, we become so familiar with the mundane day to day tasks, that our brains go into a sort of autopilot. Being in an unfamiliar place will jolt you out of that robotic mindset and thrust you into a state of heightened awareness. These kinds of experiences will give you a huge confidence boost and a newfound talent for being resourceful, which you’ll carry with you through the future.

More time for introspection and self care

Kick back and read a book, stare off into the distance for hours, go to the spa. Do whatever you like, because no one will be nagging you to go and do something else. You are not going by anyone else's schedule. That is the beauty of traveling solo.

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