Yes, when you put in the hard work. Let me explain.

My Experience with Wanting to Make a Difference

Let’s face it, some people are great at sports, and others are awesome at making people laugh. For me, it’s my writing that I feel is my top skill. And so I want to use it to leave my stamp on the world. That’s why I started When Women Inspire and publish posts like how to ace a job interview. The goal of posts like this one and others is to help women improve their lives, personally and professionally. 

And it hasn’t always been an easy road to reach the 11,000 email subscriber mark! I’ve had moments when I wanted to give up because someone mocked the newest post for being fluff or a tech glitch behind the scenes of the blog set me back hours in my day. But now I have learned a few valuable things to keep in mind as I remind myself that YES blogging for change is possible. Here’s proof:

Comments from Readers

When I receive a “great post!” it tells me I’m on the right track with grabbing the audience’s attention. But something I’ve learned too over my years of blogging for change is that the critical comments are just as valuable, if not more. If the reader offers another viewpoint, I hadn’t considered, that makes it one of my favorite reads of the day! I’m geeky and love to learn so then I get to research or think more about what the reader suggested to me. But please note this type of commenter doesn’t disrespect me – the ones who personally attack me aren’t among my faves, obviously.

Also, even receiving any comments from readers of your blog is a good sign that you have the potential to make a difference, if you’re not already doing so. A comment means that the reader thought enough about what you wrote to respond to it. Your blog posts can encourage positive change!

Insider Tip: Not receiving comments on your blog posts? Make sure you learn how to SEO optimize your posts with keywords, add catchy titles, share it on social media, and do other activities that get more eyeballs on your written content. After all, you want people to know about you so you can encourage more of them to act on your blog message, right?!

Stay Focused on Blogging for Change

If you only write a blog post a month, you’re less likely to inspire your readers. But if you churn out quality content regularly then blogging for change is easier because you build an active readership. Of course, your life is busy, and I totally get that. Right now our two cats are telling me they want to play. You might have kids, a full-time job aside from your blog, and other obligations. So, here are great ways to stay focused on your blog:

  • Aim to publish a new post once a week, if not twice or more. Write “publish new post” on your calendar for the upcoming month at every new week and stick to it.
  • Read up on the activity that you want to change in the world regularly. Doing so will help you stay passionate about the cause and want to keep blogging.
  • Don’t compare yourself to others. They may have had a blog for years before you even thought about creating one and it may be their full-time job. You do you and make the most of your unique journey.

How to Gauge Your Success

In this case, it’s not all about the money. While you might be blogging to help bring in income, blogging for change has action at its heart. Gauging whether you are a success probably isn’t about how much $$$ you’re bringing in – except for a charity fundraiser and similar. Instead, it’s about things like how many people are now recycling after you’ve been writing for six months about ways for them to do so.   

Oh and here’s one very important final point. You won’t always know every time you make a change. While comments are helpful for telling you which blog posts resonate with readers, you might also find that you get several views on a post that has few comments. Not everyone will stop by and tell you how your writing is impacting them. But if you keep blogging for change as your focus, while building your online audience and gaining loyal readers, you can bet that you have the potential to help a cause that matters to you.

Are you blogging for change and, if so, what cause or causes do you focus on? Also, what keeps you going when you don’t feel like writing one week? 

About the Guest Writer

Christy Birmingham is passionate about women’s issues and focuses on providing tips on all facets of life, including health and lifestyle at When Women Inspire. She also runs When Business Inspires to offer strategies for growth and industry updates to entrepreneurs and organizations.


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